A single website gathering a lot of good deals, tips and tricks in Rovaniemi

Welcome to the website of all good tips and tricks in Rovaniemi. This website was created to share my experiences and offer to all travelers visiting Rovaniemi good deals, tips and best prices for seasonal activities as well as for bargain shopping.
Whether you have a large or limited budget, you will find on this website everything you need before and during your stay in Rovaniemi. This website is continuously updated with articles providing useful information to experience the region of Rovaniemi in the best way, far from mass tourism and at reduced price.

The topics covered on that website

Among the articles already written or those in progress, you will find:

  • Good tips to choose your safari and detailed prices,
  • Souvenirs shopping at reduced price,
  • Places to rent equipment for skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, cycling…
  • Hiking tracks for both winter and summer (with maps),
  • Some Finnish recipes and specialities,
  • Recommendation on how to be well equipped and dress because coming to Lapland
  • List of activities to practice in Lapland according to the season.






Pedagogical brochures

A part of this website will also propose detailed pedagogical brochures  allowing you to experiment some activities entirely by yourself. First, to allow you to be autonomous and to experiment those activities at your own pace and in your own way. Second, to significantly reduce the impact of certain activities on your budget.
These detailed brochures will allow you for example to embark on an ice fishing adventure by yourself. Indeed, you will find in that brochure full description of the fishing techniques and as well as maps showing you some really good spots just a few steps from the center of Rovaniemi. Another pedagogical brochure will also allow you to learn everything about northern  lights and get kitted out to go hunting them and maximize your chances of observing them. You will learn how to read predictions but also how to choose the right equipment (camera, lens… ). As a bonus,  a map of the good spots will also be provided.
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Private guide

Private guide in Rovaniemi

Excursions with private guide in Rovaniemi: In this article, you will find the list of detailed excursions that Arctic Attitude offer around Rovaniemi. All services are available in both English and French. You will benefit Read more…

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