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Sports equipment rental in Rovaniemi

In this article, we will review all the places where you can rent equipment in Rovaniemi. Whether it is for winter or summer activities, you might want to rent some Equipment if you wish to go for some activities on your own.

Indeed, some activities such skiing, snowshoeing, biking…not always require to go as part of a group.


Despit the fact that there are many safari companies, you might want go for some activities on your own.

  1. Sports quipment rental possibilities in Rovaniemi,
  2. Where to rent sports equipment in Rovaniemi,
  3. Equipment rental price comparison (2019)

1.Sports equipment rental possibilities in Rovaniemi

You would like to go for one or several activities on your own without guide services? Then, you’ll have the possibility to rent sports Equipment in Rovaniemi. This way, you will be able to travel lighter without carrying many extra kilos in your luggage.


2.Where to rent sports equipment in Rovaniemi

Depending on the activities you want to practise, there are several places where you could rent sports equiment in Rovaniemi.

3. Equipment rental price comparison (2019)

You will find in the here under table all prices applied by the different companies renting sports equipment around Rovaniemi. For more information or special requests, I suggest you to contact them through their websites.

To this day, there is no company renting ice fishing Equipment.

For more information, I invite you to read the article Ice fishing in Rovaniemi