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Price comparisons

Comparison of snowmobile safari prices in Rovaniemi


In this article, you will find a comparison of snowmobile safari prices in Rovaniemi. Using the summary table, you will be able to identify which snowmobile safari is the most suitable for you whether you are looking for low cost prices, small groups or high quality services. In addition to the price comparison, you will also find useful information in this article regarding snowmobile safaris.

  1. When does snowmobile season start and end?
  2. Important conditions.
  3. What snowmobile safari is the most suitable for you?
  4. What do prices really include?
  5. Guide languages available for snowmobile safaris.
  6. Comparison of snowmobile safari prices and services.

1-When does snowmobile season start and end?

Before going on an adventure in wonderful snowy landscapes of Lapland, you will have to wait till winter sets in.

In other words, the layer of snow has to be sufficient to drive snowmobiles around.

Even though the snow coverage changes from one year to another, the most common season to go on snowmobile safari is the following:

  • Start of the season: Around November 20th
  • End of the season: Around end of March/mid April

2-Important conditions.

Here is what you have to know before set out to a snowmobile safari. All the safari companies will require them:

  • First of all, you must be over 18 years old to drive a snowmobile,
  • It is also mandatory to hold a valid driving license for cars,
  • Finally, even though most of the safari companies should provide some, it is recommended to take warm clothes with you as well as thermal underwear.


3-What snowmobile safari is the most suitable for you?

That is the real question…

Are you looking for the lowest price or the best services? Some people might also be willing to pay a little more to have the chance to go snowmobiling in a private or small group. In paragraph 6, you will find a summary table  allowing you to identify the best snowmobile safari according to your criteria and expectations.

4-What do prices really include?

All companies offering snowmobile safaris apply the same principle. A minimum of two people is necessary to book a safari. Also, most prices involve 2 people per snowmobile. If a person wants to be alone on the snowmobile to drive all the time, it is possible but you will have to pay a supplement.

Most safari prices include transportation from your hotel to the place of departure. It is important to note that time is deducted from the duration of safari. For example, if you decide to leave for a formula type “Snowmobile excursion of 2h”, you will have to deduct both transport time but also the time to dress with warm clothes and receive driving instructions.

Driving time = Safari duration- transportation from hotel to departure point – dressing and driving instruction time

Good to know

Most of the companies will offer you hot drinks and snacks during the safaris.

5-Guide languages available for snowmobile safaris.

Whether it is for snowmobile safaris or any other type of activity for tourists, the language used by the guides is English. However, it is possible in certain cases to have instructions in French, German, Spanish, Russian…
Only some safari companies will offer those services and you might be charged extra for that.

Article: Excursions with private guide in English or French.

Website: Arctic Attitude


6-Comparison of snowmobile safari prices and services.

In the table below, you will find a list of snowmobile safari companies around Rovaniemi area. Length, prices as well as other kind of information will allow you to identify the safari that suits you best and so you could take full advantage of this excellent experience of snowmobile driving in the heart of Lapland.

[table id=9 /]

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