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Where to eat in Rovaniemi

« Where can I find good ,cheap food in Rovaniemi »


If you ask yourself this question, then this article may be of interest to you.

Indeed, if most travelers visit Rovaniemi for its breathtaking landscapes, northern lights and Santa Claus village, Lapland also has something else to offer, its gastronomy.



At first sight, Finnish gastronomy seems to be less diverse than some other countries where gastronomy is rightly most famous. However, there are some yummy must-try dishes that you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Finland

Indeed, Finland is a land of forests and lakes, so the gastronomy is closely related (game, fish, berries, mushrooms…). Therefore, you will have the choice of tasting the best of Finnish gastronomy in different atmospheres and in a wide range of prices.

In this article, you will find the following information

  1. “Lounas”: Selection of places to eat cheap lunch in Rovaniemi (€)
  2. Where to eat traditional Finnish food in Rovaniemi (€€€€)
  3. Selection of affordable restaurants in Rovaniemi (€€-€€€)
  4. Picnic and grilling by an open fire (€)


1-“Lounas”:  Selection of places to eat cheap lunch in Rovaniemi

In Lapland, and more generally in Finland, it is quite easy to find cheap restaurants for lunch. Unlike some other countries in Europe where you can find corporate restaurants or canteens, most of the Finns go to a restaurant for lunch.

In Finland, most of the restaurants offering buffets for lunch where everyone can just come at any time and serve themselves without wasting too much time ordering and waiting to be served.



Price: 10.90€ (buffet + drinks + coffee)

Hours: Weekdays: 10:30am-6pm & Saturday: 11am-6pm

Website with weekly menu (in Finnish)

Personal note: very good and varied buffet / medium-sized restaurant.


Roka street bistro

Price: 9.90€-13€ (menu street food).

More options are also available à la carte.

Hours: 10:30-2pm

Website with weekly menu (in English)

Personal note:

This restaurant is actually a very good place to eat in Rovaniemi. In fact, they are using high quality ingredients to make bistro-style and street food. Roka restaurant provides a friendly, personal and intimate 25-seater


HelmiSimpukka (Shell Napapiiri)

Price: 6.95€ (buffet of starters + soup of the day + drinks + coffee)

Price: 9.90€ (buffet of starters + buffet of mains courses + drinks + coffee)

More options are also available à la carte.

Hours: 10am-2pm

Website with weekly menu (in English)

Personal note:

Even though this restaurant is much more classic than the Roka and Rinne restaurants (and located in Shell gas station on the opposite side of the road from Santa Claus village), HelmiSimpukka is still a good option if you spend the day in Santa Claus village.

Indeed, it is more affordable than the gourmet restaurants of Santa Claus village (like the Royal Reindeer restaurant) and more nourishing than snacks available over there. This restaurant offers hearty, home cooking including the famous Helmi hand-made meatballs, made from the finest Finnish mince and hand-rolled.


Christmas house restaurant & coffee bar

This restaurant is located on your right when you enter Santa Claus village

Price: 14.5€ (buffet of starters + buffet of mains courses + drinks + coffee)

Good tip: Only 9€ for fidelity card holders (just ask for it at the restaurant cash register even if you visit the restaurant only once).

Hours: 11am-2pm

Personal note:

As for Shell, this restaurant is a good alternative if you visit Santa Claus village. Indeed, it is more affordable than the gourmet restaurants of Santa Claus village and also more nourishing than the snacks available over there. But even if it might sound better to have a lunch in “Christmas house” restaurant, I would still recommend to cross the road and go to Shell restaurant which is to me the best option.


2-Where to eat traditional Finnish food in Rovaniemi

In this paragraph, we will review some of the best restaurant where one can try the best of Finnish cuisine and other great foods

Even though the restaurants listed below are among the best to eat in Rovaniemi, they are also more expensive but the quality and service meet the price (€€€€)

Restaurant Nili

Price : €€€€

Hours :

  • Monday to Friday: 5pm-11pm
  • Saturday : 12am-11pm
  • Sunday : 5pm-11pm

Personal note :

It is probably the restaurant that I would recommend if you are looking for a typical experience. From the quality of dishes to the style of the restaurant and the traditional costumes of the staff, you will find everything to truly enjoy the genuine tastes and feelings of Lapland.

For more information and reservation, check the website of Nili Restaurant.

Arctic boulevard

Price : About 60€ each for starter + main course + dessert (without drink)

Hours :

  • Monday to Friday: 5pm-11pm
  • Closed on Sunday

Personal note :

If you have a big budget, then this restaurant is a very good place to eat in Rovaniemi. Outstanding cuisine and quality. In comparison with Nili restaurant, Arctic boulevard is more fancy and a bite less genuine.

Prices are also higher.

Portions are quite tiny (fine dining) so you should consider to order starter, main course and dessert:). With a bottle of wine, you will be delighted but the bill will be pretty high.


Restaurant Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara

Prices: See menu in English


  • Monday to Thursday: 6pm-9pm
  • Friday-Saturday : 6pm – 9:30pm
  • Closed on Sunday

Personal note: 

Excellent cuisine, great surroundings and high-quality service, this restaurant located at the top of Ounasvaara is ranked among the best restaurants in Finland. It is a bit far from the center of Rovaniemi but from the restaurant, you will have a beautiful view of Rovaniemi and Ounasjoki River. In addition, people dining on site can access the roof to try to observe the northern lights.


Mont rossa

Prices: See menu in English


  • Monday to Thursday: 2pm – 10pm
  • Friday : 2pm – 11pm
  • Saturday : 5pm – 11pm
  • Sunday : 5pm – 10pm

Personal note : 

High-quality service and great food.

RAKAS Restaurant

Prices: Menu in English and online reservations


  • Monday to Thursday: 12am-10pm
  • Friday-Saturday : 12am-11pm
  • Sunday : 5pm-9 :30pm

Personal note :

Finally, if you are looking for high-quality restaurant with affordable price menu, I recommend Rakas restaurant. You will also find other dishes a la carte that cost a little more.

Rakas is a good place to eat in Rovaniemi, especially if you visit Santa Park because it is located right next to it.


3-Selection of affordable restaurants in Rovaniemi

Finally, here are some cheap restaurants to eat in Rovaniemi.


Price 9.90€ for lunch / 12-15€ for diner (without drink or coffee)

Hours : See website

Website with menu in English

Personal note:

This place is often unknown by tourists since it is located in a street where there are no other bars, restaurants or safaris. Kauppayhtiö is a bar and restaurant with a vintage look where locals and students generally gather. The restaurant side offers gourmet burgers and pizzas. From time to time, there are also live music and open stages.


Restaurant Roka

Average price: 15/20€ per person

Hours :

  • Monday to Thursday: 10:30am – 9pm
  • Friday : 10 :30am – 11pm
  • Saturday : 12am – 11pm
  • Sunday : 12am – 9pm

Website with menu in English



Average price: Starter + main course + desert: 30/35€

Hours :

  • Monday to Thursday: 11am-11pm
  • Friday : 11am-2am
  • Saturday : 12am-2am
  • Sunday : 12am-11pm

Website :  Menu and reservation

Personal note :

Finnish restaurant chain frequented by many locals and tourists. Rather oriented Tex-Mex, there are still many other dishes à la carte. In addition, portions are quite big and prices are fair  for a restaurant in Finland.


For the list of bars and night clubs, you can read the article nightlife in rovaniemi

4- Picnic and grilling by an open fire

Finally, here is one of the most authentic ways to enjoy a meal in Lapland. The kota grill or one of the many “Laavu” that you will find everywhere by the river or along hiking trails.

Santa’s Salmon Place

Where to eat cheap in Rovaniemi

Average price: 25€ (See menu in English)


  • December – February : 11am – 6pm
  • March and November: 11am – 5pm
  • June – August: 12am -5pm

Personal note :

Small restaurant in a wooden tepee containing only a few tables. The specialty of this restaurant located in Santa Claus village is salmon grilled over a wood fire. 

Grilled sausages in a Laavu or by an open fire

Isn’t the food best when it is shared by the open fire?


Another great experience is to grill some sausages in a Laavu when going hiking. It is also possible to take part in an ice fishing safari where you may be lucky enough to do some grilling while you are fishing (see the article Ice Fishing in Rovaniemi).


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